Friday, June 5, 2009

"I Have You To Thank"

whenever I see you I need more
And I want you to stay 'til the end.
cz scray that i will regret what i hv done towrd you. i still need time to shows u hw much i need you cz you are my everything. you give me anything i want and never n eve say no to me.But I'm trying with perfect atitude infront of you. cz you are my hero till d end.

emm. nk papa bngge dgn ape yg dyna try nk buat. cz i alway hoping that u always be beside me n hv a big big smile for what i hv shows to you.

papa slalu tnye dlu 'dyna da besar nk jdi ape?' dyna slalu jwb'dyna nk jdi mcm papa,sbb papa slalu keje tok maju kn keluage ni.' dlu dyna pelik npe papa asik tak ade kt umh je slalu pg sane sni. kdg2 dyna nages papa tak ade kt umh. rce mcm tak ade sape nk bckup dyna lg.

bile dyna tawu papa sakit dyna tak ley trme. npe papa sakit papa kne tngok dyna pnye konvo then tnggu kt umh tyme dyna pg oversea. then papa kne tngok dyna kawen. tak fair klu papa tak tnggu dyna. sbb dyna slalu tnggu papa kt umh tyme papa pg oversea dlu.

papa slalu dgr ckp dyna. skg dyna dgr ckp papa. jgn malu kn keluarge. u always remind me this.

1 comment:

  1. eyt dyna..chumeyl la post nie..
    ikot ape yg ur papa ckp..
    gud luck in ur lyfe..
    i don't really noe u n u don't noe me at all..
    but im interested in u n sometimes im wishing the best 4 u..
    i don't noe y..