Friday, June 5, 2009

It was always you

I sit here alone, thinking about the times we shared
the laughs, the cries, the pointless little lies.
You could never open up with me...
Where's the part of u i've longed to see.
does u leaving, mean loosing everything?
Does my heart breaking mean anything?
I cry for hours
but in front of u i have to hold back the tears
How long do u think this misery will last?
Days? Years?
If u truly loved me,
you would know this was right
and realize,
it was always meant to be
So when ur around,
or willing to fight to get me back
my arms will be open,
cuz this whole time it was faith we lacked
And maybe then
wut people thought could be true
cuz all along, i knew
It was you...

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